Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Google Me Talk Radio With Jim Killeen

Jim Killeens adventure through the search engines of GOOGLE to the far corners of the Earth have given him a knowledge one can only obtain throughout the journey.

Computers are now a focus of our daily lives rather than an addition to the tasks we perform each day. Strictly checking our occasional emails has become a thing of the past. Bringing the computers out of the den and into the main living area of the home for researching information, watching videos and sometimes gathering advice on the many websites available through the world-wide web. GOOGLE has produced the greatest impression and has enabled web users to connect, seek, and ultimately locate each other.

GOOGLE Me The Movie, Jim Killeen, and Blog Talk Radio are mergingtogether for a one night event on GOOGLE Me Talk Radio! Thursdaynight April 24th at 8pm ET. This will be an exciting evening withthe host of GOOGLE Me Talk Radio, Jim Cobb and The GOOGLE Me Manwith the plan, Jim Killeen. Be sure to spend some time at for the entertaining evening.

Dorothy Lanman

Tuesday, March 25, 2008



Is your head simming with blog, social networks and their titles and passwords?
Does Panic set in as you try to remember which blog is associated with a part-
icular group and which email as well as user names and passwords go with what?
Now I am not addressing those who are forutnate enought to have Robo Form.
This is directed toward those who are less forutnate and do not.

I am enjoying a sense of relief, since I have taken time to gather my notebooks
and notes upon which I have left information about each. I have gone to Word
Pad as I think it provides a more attractive presentation than Notepad. That is
where I listed all blogs with accompanying user names, passwords and related
email. There I also listed my social Networks with all their related information.
I thought it helpful to place all items related to a certain email together to avoid
confusion. I am sure there is a better way to manage emails, but since I am
not familiar with it I used the method just described.

This has given me a measure of satisfation and security in regard to Where I
left my information about each blog or social network. I make this suggestion
to help anyone out there who might have been Overwhelmed as I was with the
avalanche of new blogs and networks I had created, as well as the promise of --
"you ain't seen nothing yet".

Feel free to contact me:;



What is all this talk about Social Networks? Isn't
what we have alway done enough? Well actually
no not anymore. Let me ask you what do you
think it will take to make it in Network Maketing
in today's market? It appears that fax blasting,
email blasting, cold calling, home meetings having
worked in the past have to a degree run their
course. There is now a need for a new species, that
is to say more unique vehicles to keep up with the
mad pace of the Internet. Now there are a number
of new vehicles out there one of which is called
Social Networks and there is a Heinz variety.

What are Social Networks? They are a group of
individuals who understand the power of Support-
ing one another in this mad race to make yourself
and your product known by connecting with many
others who have the same vision. They use Blogs as
if they were boats, all congregating to make a small island.
I create a blog for this purpose about one of my passions
it may be my present business or an idea or a hobby and
I am looking to hook up with others who share my interests.
What happens is each individual or boat paddles from one
boat to another making comments about the blogs they
encounter and posting their blog and info at the same time,
thus before long as this process continues over weeks and
months one becomes acquainted with the blog owners and
their interests and expertise and before you know it you've
built a network of new friends and have built relationships
with people you would never have met otherwise and you
become a force to be reckoned with as a group, while
building recognition for your own name with who you are
and what you promote.

This is what Jim Cobb calls "branding" your own name with
who you are and what you promote.

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